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In a small country like Singapore, where space is scarce and everything is conserved for heritage, being given a chance to transform a historic and iconic building is a rare gift for a creative, and this is something that we at RCGNTN knew and understood well.

On May 27-28, earlier this year, Keepers x Straits Clan, opened up 30 rooms at the (then) Majestic Hotel to RCGNTN’s rag tag army of artists, designers, and makers of all genres, to take over. And everyone played hard. And played, they did, hours upon hours of free play. Ask any of the artists, and the word PLAY keeps getting mentioned, that one thing that everyone needs, that one thing that we’re all left wanting.

The result was a massive collection of murals, framed works, artworks in many forms, shapes, sizes, and voices. The rooms were decorated, the halls were given a facelift, even the stairs were given flowers and a royal treatment. No. Space. Wasted.

Imagine what more we could do if we were given more free play.  This is just the first of many more to come. Fingers crossed, we’ll do more, hugs all around!

Big thanks to our wonderful creatives:
– Dem (Div HQ)
– Paper In My Attic
– Kristal Melson
– Kit (A Whispering Campaign)
– Allison M. Low
– The Regular Jo
– Mighty Yellow
– SKL0
– Botanical Orchestra
– JZ Ang
– Jolly McWank
– Sarah Thursday
– Djohan Hanapi
– Annie Hung
– Jedidiah
– Wings
– Rouge
– Amber




May 27-28, 2017