We are an independent creative studio that solves business problems through meaningful experiences and a distinct voice.

We believe the medium is the message, and we choose our mediums very carefully. Depending on your brand story and business problem, we shoot engaging videos, transform venues artfully with place-making, tell stories creatively, even plan whole campaigns- we want to make great, smart work with the best intentions artfully, even if it means daring to dream and going against the grain every once in a while.

Whatever it is, “you know we steady one”.

We also work with creatives on our social enterprise platform to empower people and maximise human potential.

We realise projects that open up new possibilities and offer alternative views of the world around us in an effort to investigate and better our understanding of the nature of things. The themes and mediums we create with are vast and varied, each serving as an artwork in its own right- and in the process we build a community based on togetherness, sustainability and wonder.



Connecting Bridges

We are passionate about people. Our ultimate goal is to build a sustainable model that bridges clients, creatives, art and the audience all while providing jobs by matching the right talent to the best opportunities, empowering people with new skills, exchanging knowledge and maximising societal impact.

Be it you’re a brand looking for creatives and ideas for your business needs, a creative individual or collective with a set of skills and heads full of bright ideas, or even if you are interested in what we do and what we stand for and are looking for possibilities to work together, drop us an email to join our ever-growing community.

E: thatgenius@projectxiv.net